Will the Seller Always Pay for the Pest Inspection?

A pest inspection is the process of thoroughly checking high-risk areas of the home for pests. They will check under porches, crawlspaces, attics, and areas where conditions are typically damp. They are checking for termites, ants, mice, rats, and any other pests.

When you are going to be buying or selling your home, you need to know, who pays for the pest inspection? They are usually needed before a house can be sold, so who has to pay for this?

It could go either way

Sometimes the seller doesn’t pay for the pest inspection, but they are losing out on quality control. Since these inspections are not required by law, the seller doesn’t have to purchase this so it could go either way. So how do you know if a pest inspection is required? This would be based on the state guidelines and the type of loan the buyer is getting. If the buyer’s appraiser thinks it could be an issue then the lender may require it.

Pest Inspection Results

Even if the pest inspection results come back clear, it doesn’t mean you don’t have an issue in the home. Just because none were found doesn’t mean you were working with a good pest inspector, because they could have missed pests.

Even after a seller sells the house, while the pest control company will be responsible for pests found after their services were used for a certain amount of time, the seller who chose the company is also responsible. This would be a case of intentional misrepresentation and negligence in court.

When would the Seller Pay?

Depending on the real estate agent, the condition of the home and the type of market the seller is selling in is what would determine if a pest report should be provided to a buyer. A seller needs to ask the real estate agent if it’s just customary to provide one or if it’s required. A perk for the seller to provide one would be that it’s a good selling point to potential buyers if they don’t yet have one.

A buyer has the option to pay for one if the one provided appears incorrect or if the seller didn’t ever provide one. They are inexpensive and this ensures the buyer that they are getting a quality report.

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