Why Everyone Should Love 100 Percent Commissions

Many Sarasota real estate brokerages are embracing the 100 percent commission model. That is, some Sarasota REALTORS® now keep all the income they gain from making a sale and to pay a monthly fee to their broker, instead of paying a percentage of it to their managing brokerage. This might sound like REALTORS® are just getting paid more, but it has many more positive implications than it would seem at first blush. What does this change in commission really mean for buyers and sellers? Read on to find out.

Sarasota REALTOR® on 100 Percent CommissionSellers benefit from having an agent who retains 100 percent of her/his commission for several reasons. The first is that the REALTOR® has more expendable revenue to contribute to marketing the property. S/he will be able to hire a professional photographer, create flashier marketing materials, and leverage her/his business contacts to get the word out about your home. Most si-highlight--primaryly, s/he'll want to do these things for you because the commission goes to him/her alone.

A buyer's agent will also benefit from hiring a Sarasota REALTOR® who retains 100 percent of her/his commission, although commission is less of an issue for these agents. Given that commission is based on a relatively small percentage of the sale price, a buyer's agent's income does not differ much even if you get a great deal on a home. Therefore, an ethical buyer's agent will always have your best interest in mind; so why not choose one who retains one hundred percent of her/his earnings?

There are many more reasons to hire a 100 percent commission agent. At the centre of the artgument is the undeniable fact that a fairly compensated and ethical REALTOR® is one who you'll have a great business relationship for years. Why not start out on the right foot?

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