Where Are The Top New Sarasota Restaurants for 2014?

CafeSarasota is a mecca for great food and great drinks. There are so many different restaurants all offering something unique. Here are a few of the top new Sarasota restaurants for 2014.

Lolita Tartine - 1419 5th Street, Sarasota

This charming little restaurant is owned by the same people who own C'est La Vie on Main street. It brings France to the Rosemary District. A tartine is an open faced sandwich in France. This sandwich is served on a very thin and rustic toast. You will lick your fingers after eating one of these. They also offer wine, soups and pastries.

Social On First - 1219 1st Street, Sarasota

This is the new hotspot in town. If you want a good cocktail this is the place. They serve a variety of different items such as pizza, meatballs and calamari. This restaurant is the perfect addition to downtown Sarasota. The design is very modern yet urban all at the same time. They also have an outdoor bar with couches and a fire pit. This is a great place for anyone who enjoys being social.

Roast Restaurant & Bar - 1296 1st Street, Sarasota

This restaurant is located in a vintage building that is very charming. Roast has a very creative and fun menu full of delicious options. You can get everything from seafood to steaks to duck and much more. There is also a very nice upstairs lounge I encourage you to check out.

Sarasota is a city that just keeps growing and growing. New restaurants are opening up on a regular basis. That means you will never run out of options. In the meantime be sure to check out the restaurants on this list and enjoy some of the new eats in town.

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