What is the Best New Arts and Entertainment in Sarasota for 2014?

The arts and entertainment scene in Sarasota is a very exciting thing to invest an interest in because it changes every single year. Every year there are new noticeable arts, a new art leader, a new gallery, and new places for families with children to go to have a little fun. You work your way through this list of new additions to the art and entertainment scene in Sarasota and before you know it there will be even more options for you to consider.

New Place to Take Your Children

The Ann Goldstein Children's Rainforest Garden is the newest place to take your children in Sarasota when you are in need of a little entertainment. You can enjoy the epiphyte caverns, the 16 foot waterfall, the boardwalk, and the swinging bridge. The rainforest garden also offers tons of hands-on activities that you and your children can enjoy together.

New Reason to Head to the Beach

Sarasota is known for having a very rich architectural history. This is also a city that continues to have more and more new architecture popping up. There are new beach pavilions that will draw you to the beach as if you were a piece of metal and they were a magnet.

New Sarasota Fun

Head to the McCurdy's Comedy Theatre, which has recently been renovated for a new type of fun in Sarasota. For nearly a decade and a half this theatre has been providing the locals with comedy that will make you laugh so hard your sides are going to hurt. This theatre is considered by many to be the heart of the city.

Fun does not even begin to do enough justice when you describe the arts and entertainment scene in Sarasota. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy where you are 70 years old, 20 years old and single, or you are in your 30's with a family.

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