Top Day Trips Throughout the Sarasota Area

Sometimes you just need to get away from home for the day. Sarasota provides a number of great places to spend a day, if you don't want to stay at home. Here are a few of the best day trip destinations throughout the area.

The Dali Museum

People travel from all over the world to enjoy the Dali Museum, but you won't have to go far if you live in Sarasota. The Salvador Dali Museum is found in St. Petersburg to the north and provides the most incredible works of art. Eighteen of the best Dali paintings are found here for viewing.

Along with the Dali works of art, you can enjoy the incredible architecture of the building, 96 oil paintings, over 1,300 graphics, photographs, 100 watercolors and so much more.

Sunken Gardens

Discover one of the best botanical gardens in the area found right near home. Sunken Gardens is about a century old and provides over 50,000 exotic plants, waterfalls, a butterfly garden and so much more. You can enjoy this area on your own or join one of the many yoga classes held here throughout the week.

Sporting Contest

Found just north of the Sarasota area is Tampa. This is home to both a Major League Baseball team and an NFL football team. Pick the right day to get away and you can enjoy either of these sports.

If you prefer basketball, you will have to drive a little further to Orlando. However, catching an Orlando Magic game is a great way to spend a day away from home.

Great Explorations

Taking the kids with you for your day trip means you have to choose a different destination. Great Explorations is found near Sunken Gardens and provides all types of exhibits for kids. Enjoy the Critter Cave, Touch Tunnel and a number of other interactive exhibits here.

These are just a few of the many places you can spend the day when you need to get out of the house.

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