Spring Training Baseball is Alive and Well in Sarasota, Florida

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24736216@N07/5014088833/

Ed Smith Stadium has been the destination for spring training baseball in the Sarasota area for many years. It started back in 1924 with the New York Giants and has become a tradition ever since.

Today, the Baltimore Orioles are a part of the Grapefruit League in Sarasota during March. They play their spring training games in the area, along with many other teams found nearby including:

  • Pittsburg Pirates - Bradenton, Florida
  • Minnesota Twins - Fort Myers, Florida
  • New York Yankees - Tampa, Florida
  • Tampa Bay Rays - Port Charlotte, Florida
  • Philadelphia Phillies - Clearwater, Florida
  • Boston Red Sox - Fort Myers, Florida

All of these teams play their spring training games very close to Sarasota. The upcoming schedule for the Baltimore Orioles in 2014 includes 15 games at Ed Smith Stadium, which is located at 2700 12th Street in Sarasota. Games include:

  • Toronto Blue Jays - March 1st
  • Minnesota Twins - March 3rd
  • Tampa Bay Rays - March 6th
  • Philadelphia Phillies - March 7th
  • Boston Red Sox - March 8th
  • Pittsburg Pirates - March 9th
  • Boston Red Sox - March 11th
  • Philadelphia Phillies - March 12th
  • New York Yankees - March 15th
  • Minnesota Twins - March 17th
  • Tampa Bay Rays - March 19th
  • Atlanta Braves - March 21st
  • Pittsburgh Pirates - March 23rd
  • Boston Red Sox - March 24th
  • Tampa Bay Rays - March 27th

Tickets for the games range from $8 to $32 depending on the game and the seat you choose. Prime games are a bit more expensive, but overall, tickets are very reasonable for the games.

Some of the games may have promotions or autograph signing times to go along with the game. Whether you come out for just one game or you enjoy multiple games, spring training provides plenty of fun for the entire family.

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