Sarasota Film Festival

Sarasota is not a city you'd instantly identify as one famous for having a film festival but it most definitely does have one, and much larger than you might imagine too. Obviously it's not alone in that respect and many other cities with film festivals tend to be eclipsed by the two biggies for filmmakers - Sundance and Cannes. The odd thing is that the Sarasota Film Festival is actually not a new endeavor at all and has been running since 1999, so is now entering its 15th year and seems to be growing in leaps and bounds as a result.

As with all great film festivals Sarasota's has grown from humble beginnings with just 8 independent films being shown and 6 actors present, to becoming an event, which takes place over 10 days, features more than 200 films and has well over 200 filmmakers present. Obviously this includes all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood celebrities showing up and you can expect to see anyone from Jeremy Renner and Chevy Chase to Frank Langella, Tom Selleck and Charlize Theron gracing this event, among hundreds of others.

Obviously the climate of Sarasota means that movie stars get to enjoy the climate of Cannes without having to travel halfway across the world to enjoy it and the same goes for festival attendees from the area too.

The festival is more than just a 10 day film event though and the team behind it are involved in a number of outreach programs and also run seminars and workshops right throughout the year - doing their best to get the youth of Sarasota educated in and involved in making movies.

The festival itself runs from April 5th through April 14th and is just another event for the residents of Sarasota to pencil into their already busy social diary.

So on top of fantastic weather, a great standard of living and wonderful architecture Sarasota can also offer you a film festival to enjoy in addition to everything else.

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