Restaurant Spotlight: Adriatico

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Where are you going to go to dinner tonight in Sarasota? None other than Adriatico, of course. This local fine-dining establishment is a local favorite for Italian cuisine. Not only is the menu outstanding but all of the food is healthy and authentic Italian. Adriatico provides a social environment for you to experience their cuisine with great wine pairings and freshly made pasta, sauces and desserts daily. If you want to try Italian made by true Italians, check out Adriatico for your next night out.

What to Expect

The restaurant is located 6606 Superior Avenue in Gulf Gate of Sarasota. They are open six days a week for dinner start at 5pm on Monday through Saturday and closing at 9:30pm Monday through Thursday and 10pm on Friday and Saturday. Make your reservation for dinner for two, for your family of four or for your group of friends.

The restaurant is run by food artist Luigi, a native of Pozzuoli, Italy where seafood is everything. He specializes in the fresh caught seafood offering guests everything from sea urchin to squid, shrimp to octopus and a variety of fish.

He also specializes in the wonderful desserts that everyone raves about and he keeps the dessert menu always changing. Tommaso is from Padova and Venezia in Italy and he believes in food be a social interaction. He was raised by grandparents that had a passion for food and he cooks now with only the highest quality ingredients and pairing tastes that complement one another.

The Menu

Sit down near the wall of beautiful bottles of wine on a sleek, dark wooden table featuring bright white dinnerware. You’ll sit see signs like “Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Times” near the bottles of wine on display and unique artwork on the wall. Enjoy beautifully prepared dishes for dinner like the Pork Filet, the New York Strip, the Snapper Filet and the Seafood special. Enjoy salads, antipasti dishes, and dishes from the primi piatti menu. Pair it with the perfect wine.

Stop by Adriatico for the best in Italian and seafood in Sarasota.

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