Refreshing Way to Spruce Up Your Home with These DIY Ideas

Refreshing Way to Spruce Up Your Home with These DIY Ideas

Refreshing Way to Spruce Up Your Home with These DIY Ideas

There comes a time when a home can be too perfect, too staged and too purchased. In order to balance the interior, you need some DIY crafts. Finding a personable piece of furniture, artwork or décor item to bring character into your home is only a click away. Try your hand at these DIY ideas; there’s nothing like a unique piece of interior.

More Than a Wood Coffee Table

Custom woodworking has never been so popular as it is now. People are collecting twigs, branches, logs and trunks to turn them into DIY displays. One of the chicest styles of wood furniture that’ll instantly spruce up your home is a wood coffee table. Cut a slice off a trunk, glaze it or stain it to your liking, screw in some legs, and you have a modern-day masterpiece.

Add in A Dose of Boho with Dream Catchers

The dream catcher has been a staple in many homes for centuries. Recently, the styles seemed to have taken a turn towards DIY and bohemian more with stunning results. Dreamcatchers add a breeze of boho and a touch of history to your interior. All you need to recreate this essence within your own home is an embroidery hoop, crochet thread and some accessories.

Revive with Hardware

It’s easy to overlook the small details of your home. However, it’s those very items that can often make a huge impact in the interior. Swap out standard knobs, hooks, and handles your furniture came with and channel your creative side. Browse vintage shops, second-hand stores and garage sales for unique, vintage hardware you can install in your home. It takes very little effort to complete this DIY project. You’ll be amazed at how chic, rustic, and vintage the newest and plainest piece of furniture can look with a little switch of the handles.

Give Life to Your Interior with A DIY Terrarium

Every home needs a vast selection of oxygen-producing plants. However, the trends have changed from leafy versions of greenery to succulents. They’re just as easy to turn into a DIY masterpiece as they are to maintain. To make a DIY terrarium, you just need some empty glass containers, succulents and soil. Add in items as you please, and the terrarium is ready for your interior.

Growing Herb Gardens

Herb gardens are a great way to invigorate your home. They’re easy to grow and to add a splash of flavor to your interior and cuisine. Just purchase some pre-potted herb plants from your local grocery store, repot them in some DIY-chic vases and place them on a sun-filled window sill. You’ll have fresh herbs to harvest in no time.

Mason Jar Madness

From vases to brush holders, containers for cosmetics and crayons, candles, crafts, and knick-knacks – mason jars can turn into anything you can dream of. Grab a bucket of paint, some sparkles and ribbon to swap out your store-boughts for something personable.







The best interior designs are the ones created with love and passion, and these DIY home décor ideas are a perfect way to achieve just that.

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