New Downtown Restaurant in Sarasota

A new layer to downtown Sarasota was recently added with the opening of Louies Modern and The Francis at 1289 North Palm Avenue. This venue features a restaurant, outdoor lounge, barista bar, private dining room, special event space and a regular indoor bar. It overlooks the road lined with palm trees and includes over 11,000 square feet of total space.

With the vibrant downtown area already seeing many improvements, this was like icing on the cake. After the new Palm Avenue Parking Garage was erected and the new roundabouts were added, it wasn't much surprise that businesses were lining up for the spaces in the area. The streetscape has improved and it's attracted this great new restaurant.

The restaurant is the Louies Modern part of the business, while the special event space is called The Francis. It opened recently with both owned by Jeff Greco, Joe, Pat and Steve Seidensticker. These are the same guys behind the success of Libby's Cafe and Bar in the Southside Village. They certainly know what they're doing and success is expected from Louies Modern and The Francis.

The open layout features a contemporary design with a classic atmosphere. The ownership group says Louies Modern is for their father and pays homage to his era. With an open kitchen and plenty of open views, those loving people watching will enjoy dining here. Watch your chef prepare dishes on a wood burning grill as you enjoy the intimacy provided at every table.

This will quickly become the place for local celebrities, prominent business people and others in the spotlight. The menu features everything from handmade pasta to high quality seafood, steaks and more. Whether you just want to enjoy a night out or you're looking for a venue for your next event, Louies Modern and The Francis will deliver everything you expect from a high-end dining establishment.

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