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How Important Is Staging Your Home To Sell?

Staging your home to Sell:

You might have a beautiful home; it might be perfect or greatly upgraded with the finest features and materials. It can possibly be all these but unless you the only one in a thousand, it is not actually staged.

The process of staging a home for sale is not new but it is actually a method that is popular among home sellers and is used in our more challenging market. Staging most times is confused with decorating by many home sellers, thus paying no attention to the process and the recommendations of the staging experts. But the truth is, you need to commit to converting your home into a home that prospective buyers can easily depict as theirs, meaning you have to be ready to emotionally detach.

Staging helps in displaying your home as a place people will love to own. For instance, retailers often set up decorative store display that shows the function and likely placement of some things; like in the case of television, they are most times displayed within a living room setting. But this is not done just because it looks great; it is done to help prospective buyers in imagine how the television will look within a household setting. This can also be used in the process of preparing your home for sale. Most of our decision-making ad learning is done visually, even a buyer’s impression of a home. By being able to visualize a possible setting for a room, buyers can better make decisions ad determine if the size of the room is...

Which Mistakes will Cost you the Most When Selling your Home?

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When you are ready to sell your home, you should take into consideration a few factors before putting it on the market. If you don’t watch these common mistakes, you could end up costing yourself when your house is listed. Since it’s an emotional time for you as a seller, it’s easy to slip-up and make bad decisions based on emotional attachments over good business.

Learn about these tips now to avoid making a mistake when the time comes. Along with overpricing and not understanding the market, here is a look at a few mistakes sellers tend to make due to their emotional attachment to the property.

Lack of motivation

When a seller is struggling to let go of their home, they may show little motivation to sell. All they may want to do is put up a “for sale” sign and hope for a high price. This way of selling can be dangerous because people may notice the house for sale week after week and when they learn it’s priced too high, the seller will end up getting a lower deal than the house is worth.


Overpricing is common with sellers because they think their house is worth more...