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Upcoming Event: Ringling International Arts Festival

Get ready for some exciting events at the Ringling International Arts Festival in Sarasota this October. For four days at The Ringling, they will be offering performances and events for all ages. From dance to theater, check out one or more of these events at the Festival from October 15-18.

The festival will last four days and include theater, music, and dancing. There will be museum tours, Jazz performances at sunset, and gatherings at the Gatehouse Patio. Admission is $25-$35 depending on which ticket option you choose, and it will include access to the estate during the festival. Bring your ticket stub to each event to get in free. What type of events will take place?

Jazz Sunsets on the Bay

At the Bayfront Gardens, you can experience an outdoor jazz band performance under a tent on October 16th and 17th. From 5pm-8pm, head to Sarasota Bay for a relaxing jazz performance at sunset. Food and beverage will be available for purchase, and the event is free to...

New Fast-Casual Russian Restaurant Now Open in Sarasota

pierogi - Image Credit: House is a new fast-casual restaurant in Sarasota that has a lot of people talking already. It's different than most fast-casual restaurants in that the food is authentic Russian and the dishes are served on paper plates with plastic eating utensils.

Really, Paper Plates?

Don't let the paper plates and plastic silverware turn you off from this restaurant though. The food is so good, you won't even think twice about what your food is being served to you on. The menu consists of freshly made, microwave-free, authentic Russian food such as pierogi, which are dumplings shaped like crescents filled with your choice of cottage cheese, fruit, or potatoes. Another dish they serve...

Golf Course Spotlight: Tatum Ridge Golf Links

Golf CourseSarasota, Florida is home to the incredible Tatum Ridge Golf Links, named by Gold Digest as one of the best places to golf. Home of the Barry Cheesman Golf Academy, Tatum Ridge Golf Links is more than just a golf club; it’s a place to relax, to socialize, to practice your game, and to learn the game.

Golf Course

The course is designed by Ted McAnlis, who used the 11 lakes and preserved wetlands to design a Scottish-styled course. Wildlife and nature surround the popular course that is home to a loyal following of seniors.


When you play at this golf course, you can also enjoy the excellent amenities while you’re here. The staff is friendly and attentive. There is a restaurant to grab breakfast or lunch, and they’ve even set a phone on the ninth tee so that you can order food at the turn. Be sure to stop in the...

Siesta Key Beach Names as one of the Most Breathtaking on Earth!

Siesta Key Beach

When you think of the top beaches in the world, you may be thinking of an exotic island you wish to visit or a place far away from home. The United States alone has so many great beaches to visit that it’s hard to decide which would be your favorite.

Now TripAdvisor, a website that allows travelers to post a review on a hotel, attraction, or landmark they have visited to give other travelers an idea of the best places to visit, what to expect when they go, or places to avoid, has gone through their reviews to determine what the top picks are for beaches around the world according to reviews. They’ve released a list of user’s top ten picks for the most breathtaking beaches in the world. The United States has been honored by having our very own Siesta Key, Florida make the list!

Why was Siesta Key chosen?


Which New Condo Buildings are Planned for Downtown Sarasota?

Luxury Condo located on 363 Ben Franklin Dr, Sarasota The beautiful city of Sarasota, FL is looking to add on some luxury condominiums in order to increase the real estate market in the area. Residents will have the option to live in a glamorous condo in the city and enjoy the rich views of the city. They are expected to add on four new buildings in the near future.  

Downtown Sarasota

In downtown Sarasota, the town is working to add on three new condos to the area.  The Sansara will be coming to the historic Burns Court area, and the theme of this condo is peaceful Zen. Some of the amenities include a pool, spa, gym, cabanas, fire pit, and yoga.

Another condo coming to downtown is The Jewel, at Main Street and Gulfstream Ave, which will offer water views, fitness center, putting...

Recently Renovated, The Hob Nob Drive In is Now Open in Sarasota!

Image Credit: Hob Nob Drive In in Sarasota, FL, is, according to their website, the "Best Burger in Sarasota."  It is the oldest Drive In in the city, dating back to the 50's when they first opened. Back in 1957 when started by the original owners, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sohner, the Drive In was designed for servers to deliver food to your car on skates.  

Nowadays, it is more of a diner style building with open air seating covered by a large awning, ever since purchased by Cary and Debbie Spicuzza in 1991.  Along with their hamburgers, they are known for their delicious fries and milkshakes, but also have a wonderful selection of sundaes, cones, and floats.

The Hob Nob Drive In is located over on the corner of Highway 301 and 17th Street. The Drive...

Still Moving Forward with Another Month over 1,000 Properties Sold in 2014

Dolphin Bay, Siesta KeySarasota County real estate sales numbers for June 2014 have surpassed 1,000, which makes June the fourth month in a row to top 1,000 sales. When comparing the sales numbers for 2014 to the sales number of the same months in 2013, there has been a significant increase. For instance, there were 1,048 closed sales in June 2014 and in June 2013 there were only 997.

The Last Four Months

While the last four months have shown sales topping 1,000, June’s sales numbers were slightly lower than May’s 1,100 property sales, which could be indicative of how the sales for the rest of the year will go. July’s sales number can be estimated based on the number of pending sales from June that are due to close in July. There were 901 pending sales scheduled to close in July, whereas there were 1,042 pending sales for May that closed in June. These numbers...

Is there any Lawn Bowling Happening in Sarasota?

Lawn BowlingIn Sarasota, Florida you can now enjoy lawn bowling. Started in 1927 in the area, this outdoor sport is a local favorite.  In this sport, you roll balls on an outdoor surface like grass and want it to stop close to a marker called a “jack.”

Sarasota Lawn Bowling Club

Sarasota has the oldest sport club in Florida, the Sarasota Lawn Bowling Club. They use a perfectly manicured lawn to roll the ball across the grass.  Lawn bowling is a sport for the young and old. They are associated with an international membership including Canadians, Scottish, and English bowlers. Eastern USA bowlers like to come out and join locals from Sarasota during the winter season for home and away matches.

The Sarasota Lawn Bowling Club is located at 809 North Tamiami Trail at Highway 41. This is located...

Where Should You go for Great Mangos Near Sarasota?

MangoThe Florida mango is a local favorite delicious fruit. The tropical mango is called the “crown jewel” of Florida’s fruits. It is oblong shaped, colorful, has thick skin, and is larger than an apple. It can be found in yellows, reds, and green if not yet ripe. It has a large seed in the middle, and inside is firm, juicy, and yellow to orange colored. The fruit is most popular in Texas, California, and Hawaii, but Florida is the largest producer of them in the U.S. They originally came from Southeast Asia and India.

If you are looking for a good mango in Sarasota, make sure to shoot for May through October since that is the peak mango season in Florida. Here are the four top spots for mangos in Sarasota.

Robert is Here Fruit Stand

This famous farm stand in Florida has been here for over 50 years. Robert Moehling...

What Type of Activities are found at Laurel Oak Country Club?


The Laurel Oak Country Club in Sarasota is a welcoming club with residents that are very active. They enjoy the opportunity to drive golf carts along the streets and avoid driving cars. The club is very social and there are so many activities constantly going on to keep residents social and interacting with one another.


As a member you can enjoy 18 tennis courts, a full size swimming pool, and a huge clubhouse. It is right near Siesta Key Beach and resides in the art and cultural district. The club contains a community of 400 single family homes but many members reside outside of the community since the popularity of the club has spread so widely through the area. There are two-eighteen hole golf courses as well.

Regular Events

The club hosts a Wednesdays night "cash dinner" in which names...