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Where Are The Top New Sarasota Restaurants for 2014?

CafeSarasota is a mecca for great food and great drinks. There are so many different restaurants all offering something unique. Here are a few of the top new Sarasota restaurants for 2014.

Lolita Tartine - 1419 5th Street, Sarasota

This charming little restaurant is owned by the same people who own C'est La Vie on Main street. It brings France to the Rosemary District. A tartine is an open faced sandwich in France. This sandwich is served on a very thin and rustic toast. You will lick your fingers after eating one of these. They also offer wine, soups and pastries.

Social On First - 1219 1st Street, Sarasota

This is the new hotspot in town. If you want a good cocktail this is the place. They serve a variety of different...

Where Can You Go For Wine and Painting Fun in Sarasota?

Do your eyes light up when you think about things like hardwood floors and eclectic lamps? If so, you have something in common with many other people. You probably enjoy many different things, including painting. If this is the case, you will enjoy the Sarasota attraction called, Painting With A Twist.

When you enter this place you will be surrounded by many different paintings. All of which were created by people who came to paint there. You will see a variety of different artistic levels as some have more experience than others. Some of the paintings are very basic while others a very complex. Some are even questionable and you wonder why anyone would paint it in the first place.

Either way, it’s a good time to be had by all. The one thing you will really enjoy is how the instructors teach. They actually take you step-by-step so you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing. If you need a little help just ask. They are more than happy to help. You won’t have to worry,...

What's the Best New Choices on the Arts and Entertainment Scene in Sarasota?

The arts and entertainment scene is always booming with new and exciting things to check out in Sarasota. Here are some of the newest editions to the scene if you are an arts and entertainment junkie.

McCurdy's Comedy Theatre

McCurdy's itself is not actually a new theatre. It is a recently remodeled theatre and that gives people something new and exciting to smile about. The theatre features 200 seats and it is located in the heart of Sarasota. If you enjoy a good comedy show, this is a theatre in downtown Sarasota you need to add to your to-do list.

New Beach Pavilions

Sarasota is a place that is known for flaunting its beautiful architecture. There are new beautiful beach pavilions in North Jetty, Manasota, and South Lido parks. A pavilion located at the Caspersen Park won a Design Excellence Award.

Van Wezel Sunset Terrace

A lot of people in Sarasota enjoy watching the sunset...

Discovering Casey Key, Florida for the First Time

Casey KeyCasey Key is the name of a slim island located at the southern tip of Sarasota County in Florida. It is mostly a residential area. There are a few hotels, vacation homes, and motels. Famous author Stephen King has a winter home located on this narrow island. Casey Key is a very relaxing area that has not been spoiled by construction and development.

The Beaches

There are several relaxing beaches including two that are public and safe for snorkeling and swimming. The Nokomis Beach is huge and it is never crowded which makes it the perfect place to take your younger children. The Lyons Bay is on the east side of this beach and the Gulf of Mexico is on the west side. The beach is perfectly sheltered...

Where's the Top Brunch Spot near Sarasota, Florida?

BrunchWhen in Sarasota, Florida there are lot’s of idea spots for you to grab some brunch. Enjoy the scenery and warm weather that is offered in Sarasota, then grab something to eat before setting out on your next adventure. Here are some of the great restaurants in Serasota that serve brunch.

Bayside Dining Room at Marina Jack - 2 Marina Plaza, Sarasota

Enjoy eating by the bay at Marina Jack’s. This extravagant restaurant offers a stunning panoramic view of the Sarasota bay, downtown, and the marina. They serve American Seafood, which includes Lobster, shrimp, and a raw bar. If seafood is not what you are craving, you can also enjoy pasta, chicken, and prime beef. An average meal cost around $25, and complimentary valet parking...

Where will you Find the Best Sarasota Shopping for 2014?

ShoppingShopping is an activity that is enjoyed by most individuals. There are some great places to shop when in Sarasota, Florida. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find it. From hardware stores to specialty shops, Sarasota has it all.Here are some of the top places to check out when wanting to shop in Sarasota.

Mission Avenue Studio – 1337 Manhattan Avenue, Sarasota

Find amazing vintage furniture at the Mission Avenue Studio. They take secondhand furniture and give it new life. Some pieces are antique, and look stunning when re-purposed by the team at Mission Avenue Studio’s. You can find funky or sophisticated decor, but one thing is for sure, your piece will be one of a kind.

Treat An Accessories Boutique – 530 S. Pineapple Avenue,...

Where are the Best Margaritas in Sarasota?

Finding the right margarita is a great way to celebrate many occasions, even just a Tuesday. This popular drink can be made in a number of varieties and Sarasota has quite a few places to get an excellent margarita. Here are just a few of the best choices.

Jack Dusty at The Ritz-Carlton - 1111 Ritz Carlton Drive, Sarasota

Maybe not the most traditional margarita, but certainly worth a try, the margarita at Jack Dusty's come with a pink look. The color come from a liqueur called Casoni, which is used to turn the drink pink. This liqueur also gives it a very interesting flavor.

State Street Eating House - 1533 State Street, Sarasota

They use barrel-aged, in-house tequila here and it's delicious. You won't find anything else like the margaritas at the State Street Eating House. The fresh lime juice helps make these drinks even better and...