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Indoor Activities to Enjoy in Sarasota

Even Sarasota gets its small share of colder weather. Luckily, when it's too cold or too hot, there are plenty of indoor activities for residents to enjoy. We all know about the wonderful beaches and parks within the area, but sometimes the indoor things are forgotten. Here are some of the best choices for indoor entertainment.


Van Wezel Performing Arts Center
Taking in a play can provide great indoor entertainment when you can't take the weather any longer. Recently, Les Miserables was in town and the performing arts center always seems to have something good going on. 

The Theatres at Asolo
For a more intimate setting, taking in a show at Asolo provides a great activity. The smaller size provides everybody with a great seat and they always have something interesting playing. The two theaters, the Conservatory and Reparatory, provide a full schedule of performances nearly every night and the Cook Theatre also provides another venue full of great entertainment.

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art
If you don't want to take in a show, you can visit the ...

Enjoy The Food At Yoder's Amish Village

When you think of eating some of the best food you've ever tasted then the last people you'll probably associate with delicious food are the Amish community in Sarasota, or anywhere else in the United States for that matter. Oh but how wrong you are and anyone who has ever tasted food prepared by either Amish or Mennonites will agree with us on this. Firstly you probably weren't even aware that there is an Amish community in Sarasota and then secondly you were also equally unaware that they have their own restaurant no doubt?

This isn't just any old Amish restaurant though because it's actually been featured in Man V. Food and the food there has been proving to be more popular than ever as a result. Yoder's Restaurant is located in the hart of Pinecraft and also includes a gift shop nearby, but then we're not here to tell you about gifts; although Amish wares are pretty amazing.

Instead what we want to share with you are the pies available here. Award winning pies! You see the Amish have this gift for creating some of the most amazing baked good you'll ever have the pleasure to taste and even the most basic of apple pies, made the Amish way, tastes better than you could ever imagine. The one pie you absolutely must try there is the Peanut Butter Cream Pie, which is so good that it's literally being talked about across the nation.

There's no point on planning an afternoon or evening...

Current Property Trends for Sarasota


If you're reading our blog then we're going to make the very safe assumption that you're currently interested in acquiring a home in Sarasota, which is a very good move to make by the way. As with any city in the country there are certain real estate trends you need to be aware of before making your final property choice.

#1 Real estate in Sarasota was never badly affected by the financial crisis which rocked most of the rest of the country. This means that Sarasota property, as a long-term investment, is one of the best additions you can make to your portfolio right now. Property can never, ever depreciate to zero regardless of market trends.

#2 The value per square foot of property in Sarasota, Florida is on the rise and property prices in specific neighborhoods have increased over 20% in the last 12-months alone. This means you're looking at a city where property is going to appreciate in value for some time to come yet.

#3 Investment in properties in Sarasota with a view to renting them can provide you with a great ROI based on current forecasts, with a large number of renters in the Sarasota housing market. Alternatively buying properties with a view to selling them on to prospective landlords can also be a good move.

#4 Now that the worst...

Friday In Sarasota Means It's Time For the San Marco Plaza Farmers Market

If you've moved, or are moving to, Sarasota from any of the colder, wetter and darker northern American states then the one of the first major changes for you as a resident of Sarasota will be the weather. You see with over 300 days of sunshine each year (actual sunshine...not just a dull glow somewhere behind a thick blanket of clouds) you'll have the opportunity to actually leave your house and stroll around enjoying everything that the city has to offer.

One of the more popular things to do around Sarasota is to shop at many of the open-air farmers markets that are regular events in the city. We’re going to take a look today at one of the best in the city - the San Marco Plaza Farmers Market.

This market takes place every single Friday between 9am and 2pm near the clock tower in San Marco Plaza, which is why when people arrange to meet here it's always " the clock tower". They do say that the market is open "rain or shine" but let's face facts when you're living in Sarasota it's more about the shine and less about the rain.

If you like browsing through the wares of market traders, then being able to choose from the herbs, organic foods, flowers, baked goods, seafood, pottery and other crafts on offer at this market is going to be a real treat for you. You'll also have a chance to enjoy some live music and of course to spend some time with the fur babies from Lakewood Ranch Humane Society. Proceeds from the market also benefit the Humane Society...

Our Top Pick of Sarasota Gated Communities

As you're probably aware Sarasota is considered to be one of the best cities in the United States to live and raise a family in. The climate, great people and an enviable way of life are all part of why people feel that way. Of course the safety of your family and your future property are going to be of paramount importance to you, and you'll find that one of the easiest ways to protect everything that's dear to you is to invest in a home in a gated community in Sarasota.

When people hear the words "gated community" they often think they're going to wind up living in some kind of high security compound. However when it comes to gated communities in Sarasota they're built to blend in with nature and to leave you feeling relaxed yet secure while enjoying all the benefits living in one of these communities offers.


Here are some of our favorite gated communities in the Sarasota area:

This community combines a world-class golf course with more than 30 miles of coastline and just 236 homes spread over 1,200 acres in this safe and paradise-like gated community. Each home has at least half an acre of land to itself but many have an acre or more.

Founders Club
Built on over 700-acres of...

Why Not Visit The Ringling Museum Of Art?

320px-fuente_de_las_tortugas-john_and_mable_ringling_museum_of_art_320There are very few countries where you could find a state art museum which is named after a circus family but that's precisely where the Ringling Museum of Art got its name. This is by no means a bad thing because without the influence of the Ringling family and their generous donations of both money and artwork the museum may never have come to be.

Inside the museum you'll find more than 20 galleries of paintings from all over Europe and Asia but there's also a focus on American art and contemporary works of art too. In addition to all the paintings on display you'll also have more than 10,000 different objet d'art to inspect too such as sculptures, drawings, photographs and pieces of decorative art which can date back to antiquity in some cases. In short there is something here for every artistic taste or preference.

The art collection of John Ringling forms the core of what the museum has become most popular for and this includes a fantastic selection of 16th - 20th century paintings from across Europe, with the collection of work by Peter Paul Rubens deserving special mention. In...

Helping You Find The Best Neighborhoods in Sarasota

If you're considering relocating to Sarasota we won't need to tell you that it's a great place to live because you've probably already figured that bit out. What we want to achieve with this blog post is to si-highlight some of the best neighborhoods in Sarasota for you to choose from and we do this simply because we know this is one of the single biggest mental stumbling blocks that people struggle with when trying to decide where to live.


Laurel Park

With lots of single-family homes and a downtown location you'll find everything you need within just a short walk of Laurel Park and because the homes in this area are preserved you'll be able to choose from a variety of homes with real character. There's a diverse cross-section of people living here - from young families to retirees - so you should have no problem just blending right in.

Gillespie Park

Most of the homes in Gillespie Park are quite old but have undergone renovations, so this may or not may not suit you. Again there's a pretty diverse cross-section of people living here and it's also a mix of renters and homeowners and it's within walking distance of most amenities.

Lakewood Ranch

This planned community is made up of several...

The Sarasota Opera Winter Festival is in Full Swing

A city without culture is a city without a heart but fortunately for the fans of more refined entertainment out there you'll be pleased to know that culture isn't something that Sarasota is lacking by any stretch of the imagination. One of the cultural hubs of the city is the Sarasota Opera, a professional opera company, which originally operated as the Asolo Opera Guild until 1974. For many years the Sarasota Opera only featured touring productions but from 1979 onwards that all changed with them putting on their own productions too.


The good news is that right now the Sarasota Opera's Winter Festival is in full swing from February 9th until March 24th 2013. You'll be able to enjoy performances of productions such as The Pearl Fishers, Turandot, A King for a Day and Of Mice and Men.

Turandot is set in ancient China and tells the story of an ice princess named Turandot who courts men from all over the world to come meet her

The Pearl Fishers is another opera with an Asian theme and is the story of the bond of friendship between two men, which is threatened by their mutual love of the same woman

A King For a Day