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Enjoy Fine Seafood Dining in Sarasota

sarasota_dining_640If you've been planning to move to Sarasota than you're no doubt aware that the city is famous for its seafood and what we want to share with you here today are some of our favorite seafood restaurants in the city. Now these aren't just your run-of-the-mill types of restaurants - these are places where you'll enjoy a meal so good that you'll keep telling your friends about it for days or weeks to come.

Marina Jack

Located right on the waterfront Marina Jack's offers amazing views of Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico and this is combined with amazing seafood to give you an experience you're not going to forget in a hurry. If you're not in the mood for dining on either the outdoor patio or at the indoor lounge you can always take a lunch or dinner cruise on the Marina Jack II luxury boat instead and enjoy your dinner in the most spectacular of settings.

Siesta Key Oyster Bar

If you ask a Sarasota where the Siesta Key Oyster Bar is they might give you a funny look, until they figure out that you mean "SKOB", which is what the locals call it. This restaurant is often regarded as the #1 place to eat anywhere...

If You Love Golf You'll Love Sarasota


Golf is one of those sports, which appeals to people of all ages and from all backgrounds, even if some people do find it something of an acquired taste. When it comes to catering for the golf fan though you'll find that Sarasota takes things to a whole new level, with all the golfing facilities you could ever need. In fact several of the golf courses in Sarasota have been named as some of the very best in the state and also compare favorably with many other major golf courses around the country.

You can start with the fact that there are more than 60 private and public golf courses in the city and county, so no matter what type of course you like to play on you'll find something to suit your skill level and your typical par. Then you can combine the number of golf courses in the area with the villas, condos and houses, which are built in and around the grounds of many golf courses in the area. So instead of having to travel to and from a course you can literally walk out your front door and be ready to play a round within minutes.

So if you're considering relocating to Sarasota because of the amazing weather, amazing ocean views, the fantastic beaches and the friendly people you now have another great reason for choosing Sarasota as your...

Sarasota - The Ideal Place To Retire

Even though you might not be in a space where you're thinking of retirement right now that time will eventually come and if you're really lucky you'll get to retire earlier than most. Or maybe you're a fan of Tim Ferris and you're planning something of a mini-retirement in the near future and you were looking towards Florida as a potential place to enjoy your particular type of retirement? Whatever your reason for looking into retiring to Florida we think you'll find Sarasota has a lot to offer you.

One of the first things you'll be looking to do is spend some time at the beach and in that regard you'll find Sarasota has so much to offer you and with the #1 beach in the United States being located on Siesta Key that's a great start in terms of spending some time at the beach. Of course having so many beaches in the area means that you get to enjoy all kinds of water sports as a result.


It goes without saying that one of the main reasons for wanting to live in or retire to Florida is because of the humid subtropical climate and the thousands of hours of sunshine the city receives each year. Of course being based on the Gulf of Mexico is a benefit too and if you enjoy sailing, or if you want to learn, then you'll love the easy access...

The First Street Art Festival in The United States

Sarasota has no shortage of festivals and events for you to attend but with the Sarasota Chalk Festival you get to enjoy something that's just that little bit different. Street art has long been seen as not really being a true art form but Sarasota has tried to change that image by hosting this street art festival since 2007.

Although some of the artists do use a special type of paint in their work the vast majority of street artists prefer to use chalk - hence the name the "Sarasota Chalk Festival". The festival itself actually has its roots in 16th century Italy where street artists would adorn the pavements of Italian cities with images of the Madonna (Virgin Mary) and this art form then spread to other cities and countries around the world.

Each year the festival has a different theme and various artists from all over the world are invited to attend to display their artistic skills. So far the themes have included Halloween, "Pavement art through the ages" and for 2012 it had the theme "Circus City USA" - a tribute to the history of the area including such famous circus families as the Ringling Brothers. The themes allow artists to prepare their work in advance and also allows for some consistency in the different “pieces” on display.

It's si-highlight--primary to understand that these are serious artists and not just idle doodlers scribbling on the sidewalk. In fact some of the artwork on display has...

Sarasota Has The #1 Beach in North America - Yes Really

Now it should come as no surprise that living in the Sunshine State means that you get to enjoy all the benefits of a tropical climate like fantastic weather and almost year-round sunshine. What you might not know however is that Sarasota is home to the #1 beach in the United States in the form of Siesta Key Beach, on Siesta Key itself. It also ranks as one of the very finest beaches in the world too but let's just focus on the fact that it's #1 in America for the time being eh?

So what makes this beach so very special? Well firstly you can start with the view out onto the Gulf of Mexico with a massive expanse of blue skies and the warm azure waters lapping at your feet as you soak up the sun or sit in the shade. Doesn't it sound idyllic already? It doesn't end there though because what will really catch your eye about this beach is that the sand is the whitest, finest sand you can imagine - it's literally like walking or lying on warm powdered sugar. In fact until you see it with your own eyes you won't believe the words or terms which people use to describe it.

Another reason why this beach claimed the top spot is because the waters are shallow and the surf is calm so you can actually swim in the ocean instead of being buffeted around by it. If you...

Sarasota Bids On The World Rowing Championship For 2017

After years of hard work towards Sarasota playing host to the World Rowing Championship, and much investment in that goal, there's now a plan in place for Sarasota County Tourism Development Council to make that dream become a reality. The event itself would take place over 10-days and could potentially draw over 40,000 people to the region, which would be a massive boon for local businesses of all kinds. The fact that it could draw such a huge number of tourists to the area would also make it the largest tourism draw in southwestern Florida period.

The actual bid itself takes place during the 2013 World Rowing Championships which are being held in Korea this year and there's also the small matter of a $26,000 bid fee, so obviously this isn't something which has been undertaken without a lot of planning in place. Competition for hosting this particular championship is usually quite fierce but the organizing committee feels quite confident about their effort.

In terms of the financial windfall to the city the fact that 42,000 visitors would almost double the population of Sarasota overnight gives you some insight into what this would be worth to the city itself. The actual dollar value of what a winning bid for the rowing championship would mean is somewhere between $13 million and $25 million in out-of-state money being injected directly into the city.

There are costs involved of...

Sarasota Film Festival

Sarasota is not a city you'd instantly identify as one famous for having a film festival but it most definitely does have one, and much larger than you might imagine too. Obviously it's not alone in that respect and many other cities with film festivals tend to be eclipsed by the two biggies for filmmakers - Sundance and Cannes. The odd thing is that the Sarasota Film Festival is actually not a new endeavor at all and has been running since 1999, so is now entering its 15th year and seems to be growing in leaps and bounds as a result.

As with all great film festivals Sarasota's has grown from humble beginnings with just 8 independent films being shown and 6 actors present, to becoming an event, which takes place over 10 days, features more than 200 films and has well over 200 filmmakers present. Obviously this includes all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood celebrities showing up and you can expect to see anyone from Jeremy Renner and Chevy Chase to Frank Langella, Tom Selleck and Charlize Theron gracing this event, among hundreds of others.

Obviously the climate of Sarasota means that movie stars get to enjoy the climate of Cannes without having to travel halfway across the world to enjoy it and the same goes for festival attendees from the area too.

The festival is more than just a 10 day film event though and the team behind it are involved in a number of outreach programs and also run seminars and...

Innovative Entrepreneurs Attracted to HuB’s New Workspace

Various private companies have elected to do business in Sarasota in recent years, which in turn has provided a sorely-needed push for the local economy. While a large portion of these organizations specialize in the construction of commercial and residential developments, one group in particular has been working towards building a new economy and culture for the benefit of the local community as a whole.

Sarasota’s HuB – a creative, collaborative space and community designed to allow entrepreneurs to gather and come up with innovative ideas for new business in general – has recently renovated a 10,000 square foot building located at 1680 Fruitville Rd. Working on the renovations was HuB founder Rich Swier Jr., who enlisted the help of Sarasota’s HOYT Architects and Biter Enterprises.

The newly refurbished structure will house tech startups, entrepreneurs, and innovative tech companies.

“We're looking to create a new economy based on creativity,” said Swier. “We wanted to be more centrally located -- downtown -- near a vibrant, creative community.”

Located on the building’s first floor is Florida Shores Bank, while the second, third and fourth floors offer workspace for tech companies. The third floor also serves as a home to an incubator/collaborative space for local startups and entrepreneurs. Moreover, the structure has several other notable features, which includes a full production studio,...

Sarasota Homes and Condos Experiencing Large Demand

Studies show a notable increase in sales for Sarasota dwellings with more investors and homebuyers coming into the market. Realtors in the Sarasota and Manatee counties have yielded impressive results, managing to sell approximately 1,072 condos and homes just last month. These figures denote a whopping 15.5 percent increase from September, and an even more noteworthy improvement of thirty percent over last years October.


“It appears from all signs that the Sarasota real estate market is in full recovery mode,” says Laura Benson, current president at the Sarasota Association of Realtors.

Real estate agents participating in this market say that fall has been a busy time of year for them, as the decrease in inventories has triggered homebuyer interest yet again.

The renewed interest in dwellings has also led to stiffer competition amongst homebuyers and investors looking to capitalize on the county’s growing industry, or acquire a personal residence to live in.

“Any time inventory falls below six months, there is a sense of urgency among some buyers,” says Roger Piro of Town and Country Real Estate.

Pending sales, which are basically properties that have gone under contracts that are yet to be closed, went up from 844 in September to 954 just last month. On the...