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Sarasota Hospital Technology Upgrades Designed to Help Uninsured and Underinsured Patients

smhmaincampus_500Issues with the Sarasota health care system may soon be alleviated thanks to joint efforts by several organizations operating within the city. The groups are collaborating to work on technological upgrades designed to reduce patient wait times at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, as well as clinics located around the area.

These firms that locals should be thanking are none other than Sarasota County Health Department, Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, and Senior Friendship Centers. Garnering support from The Patterson Foundation, the organizations have collaborated in 2012 to improve the local health care system to help both uninsured and underinsured individuals with how information is shared.

“Our community has been fortunate to have such key providers working together for decades, with a remarkable history of coordination and care,” says Bob Carter, president and CEO of Senior Friendship Centers.

“These technology improvements will now take these collaborative efforts to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.”

The team of “do-gooders” intends to continue cooperating with one another through 2013. By the start of January, the groups will be aiming to install a health care information technology platform at Senior...

Best Places to Enjoy The Christmas Lights in Sarasota

Everyone knows that some of the most spectacular displays of holiday lights can be found in Sarasota. While there are bundles of flashy displays that’d definitely be worth a visit from any tourist or local, this article will only include some of the best ones.

With that said, the first one on the list is Grace Baptist Church’s Christmas at Grace, which features over half-a-million mesmerizing lights. This establishment is located at 8000 Bee Ridge Road, and operates daily through December 26.

The second place on this list is Benderson Development’s shopping centers on North Cattleman Road and Cooper Creek Boulevard along University Parkway. These massive structures are lined with holiday lights and feature stunning towers – both of which serve as an excellent sight.

Third is the Sarasota Jungle Garden’s Millions of Lights Magical Nights, which runs through December 24, 6pm to 9pm. In addition to Christmas lights with fire pits and live holiday music courtesy of the Cory Music Show, kids visiting the area are likely to get a kick from the Santa Claus here.

Moreover, a special feature that makes this place even more worth the trip is live performances by Magician Nathan Coe Marsh, who perform twice every night at 7pm and 8pm.  

Fourth, we have the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ Lights in Bloom, which takes place from December 15 to 23, as well as on the 26th and 27...

Sarasota Bay Real Estate Predicted To Grow Long Term

When hurricane Sandy recently wreaked havoc upon the US, it caused billions of dollars’ worth in damage, and had many thinking that it’d have substantial impacts on the economy. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case, as industries across the country continue to flourish, including that of Sarasota Bay.


During a recent interview with the media, Sarasota Bay Real Estate told interviewers that solid building blocks are already in place, and will serve as a strong foundation for a better residential market that should endure the test of time. Moreover, regardless of Sandy’s onset which led to extensive damage throughout the entire area, analysts at Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) still stand firm with their positive predictions regarding private construction developments going in an upward trend.

Data revealed by ACG indicates that the amounts spent for construction during September of this year has reached $852 billion, which is technically the biggest spent in over three years. Moreover, according to federal statistics, the continuous slack in public construction was actually pulled up by continuous private non-residential projects, apartments, and houses.

The increase in the development trend...

Real Estate as an investment

As we approach 2013, we remain unsure of what changes regarding our financial situations will be in the upcoming year.


Real estate is still a tried and true investment.  Like all investments, there are long term ... if you think about a tenant paying for your mortgage and realize what return you get in all other investments, currently...there is no comparison.


Sarasota Homebuyers Purchasing Houses For Their Magnificent Views

While many homebuyers prefer basing their purchasing decisions solely on overall architectural design, location, and cost, others would rather go for dwellings that give its residents an outstanding view of something magnificently beautiful.


That’s one of the main attractions of Sarasota’s residential market, as there are many residences for sale which offer an unparalleled glimpse of the captivating, surrounding scenery. While theres are several spectacular views that homebuyers in Sarasota can relish upon moving into their new house, choosing the best one would be a matter of personal preference.

That being said, apartments and condos within the city’s center is a great place for those wanting to wake up every morning to a mesmerizing view of the downtown area. The mere glimpse of modernized buildings featuring the ingenious designs of renowned architects from across the globe is motive enough for folks to shell out hefty amounts of cash to relocate within this area.

Seeing vehicles drive through spacious lanes and people trot about the sidewalks to do whatever it is they need to get done -- all of whom are too busy with their lives to actually slow down -- is in some sense intriguing....

Soon to Rise! 45 Town Homes at Ringling, Sarasota Bay Real Estate

Ringing Blvd., Sarasota City will be home to a high-rise residential building in a 2.05-acre property. The site used to be the location for the Atrium apartment project that was put off due to worsening economic activity. Jebco Ventures is the developer spearheading this project. The location was zoned for 75 apartments but Jebco will attempt to get a permit to build 45 townhomes at the site. 


Jebco also happens to be same company behind the development of Vista Bay Point in Georgia.  It’s a luxurious two-building condo in downtown Sarasota. The floor areas range from 3,000 to 3,500 square feet with prices tagged at $1-2.5 million. There are only 16 units of these high-end condos. But the projected townhomes at Ringling will be priced much lower. Prices are expected to start in the $300s with floor areas ranging from 1,400 to 2,400 square feet. Being close to an amenity like the Laurel Park adds value to these townhomes.

Permits are expected to be acquired this December and construction is scheduled to start in the first quarter next year. The building will be built in a friendly community that has been nicknamed as the “Walker’s Paradise.” The area is a mixture of shopping, entertainment, and dining at Sarasota’s downtown district.  It’s centered by Morril...

Spread Holiday Cheer - All Faiths Food Bank

The holidays are near which means extravagant turkey dinners, baked goods, and gift exchanges. Unfortunately, while spreading holiday cheer, it's easy to forget that not everyone can afford to have a happy holiday season and many families go without the bare essentials during this time of year.

The All Faiths Food Bank in Sarasota desperately needs the help of the community to re-stock its shelves after a busy Thanksgiving weekend in preparation for the rest of the 2012 holiday season. Over 70% of the food bank's total inventory comes from donations. Having enough inventory to meet the demand over the holidays will be a struggle this year due to recent federal funding cuts. The USDA used to donate approximately 18% of the 6 million pounds of food collected by All Faiths annually. However the funding reduction has resulted in a 75% decline in USDA donations, which means that we really need to come together as a community to make sure that all of our neighbors have enough to eat this holiday season.

Donating only $12 is enough to provide a family with a turkey dinner and all the trimmings. $100 is enough to provide 159 meals, while $500 is enough for 794. Donations can be easily made online or sent to the food bank via check.

Donating money isn't the only way to make a difference. You can drop off non-perishables at the food bank, and anything you can spare is greatly appreciated. Grocery stores donate the majority of fresh produce as well as...