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Discover the New Hottest Neighborhoods in Sarasota

PinestoneAs areas of any city develop, the hottest neighborhoods change. We saw this happen in New York City when Manhattan residents starting moving to Brooklyn and it's happing now in Sarasota, as well. Some of the neighborhoods are becoming very popular, but maybe not the ones that come to your mind first.

These new hot neighborhoods in Sarasota are attracting the most interesting people with the eclectic shops, great restaurants and other attractions throughout the area. Some offer amazing luxuries, but others, it's just about the location. Here are some of the new hot neighborhoods in Sarasota.

Paver/Ringling Park

These neighborhoods are close enough to each other to be considered one. They provides something you just don't find everywhere, which is an incredible location. Many of the homes are smaller,...

The Urban Lifestyle You Desire in a Beautiful Climate

Sarasota Main StreetLiving in Sarasota is something quite a bit different than many make expect. The city was named as the top place to buy a home by the Today Show years ago, and it still fits that description. The city offers more than just a great climate with plenty of sunshine. Sarasota also offers an urban lifestyle perfect for those looking for more than just a beach city.

The downtown area of Sarasota provides a walkable place for residents to enjoy. Whether you're here to play, work or both, you'll love the city. The Bayfront and Main Street both provide a great atmosphere with everything you need. The city is home to plenty of shopping options, restaurants, art galleries and so much more.

Found Within Walking Distance

Walking to the things you need can provide more than just convenience. It can allow you to...

Sarasota Named as One of the Top Places to Retire in the United States

Sarasota Bay ClubMost residents of Sarasota know it's a popular place to live, retire and vacation. However, it hasn't received a ton of national recognition until recently. With beautiful beaches, a small town feel and many big town amenities, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Sarasota was named at the second best place to retire in the United States by

The ranking was due in large part to the culture found throughout the area including places, such as The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Of course, the award-winning, white sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico may have played a part in tipping the scale in Sarasota's favor.

This is one of the top locations in the state, found between Tampa and...

Luxury Properties Becoming Increasingly Popular in Sarasota

With the net worth growing considerably since 2007, more buyers are entering into the luxury home market. Home values have risen and are approaching record highs, once again. This is all good news for those seeking high-end real estate.

Sales through the first three-quarters of the year have risen over 25% in the luxury market throughout the Sarasota area. Luxury real estate is defined by any property above $1 million.

One of the leading factors for the growth in this part of the market is the local population growth. According to Moody's and Politifact Florida, the expected population of the state of Florida will grow by about 360,000 people throughout 2013. That is nearly 1,000 people per day moving to the state.

Many of the newcomers to the state are high net-worth individuals with the ability to buy high-end real estate. These new...

Best Places for Wine, Spirits and Cigars in Sarasota

With the holidays coming up, it's may be time to shop for wine, spirits and cigars for those on your list or for yourself. This is a popular time of year to enjoy a special cocktail or a great glass of wine. If you're looking for the best places in Sarasota for these items, you will find them below.

Maduro's Cigar & Wine Bar

As one of the best places to enjoy some of the finer pleasures of live, Maduro's is one of the top places in the city for cigars and wine. It opened in 2007 and became a local favorite very quickly. Many will tell you this is the best place for a cigar, whether you want to smoke it here or take it with you.

This business provides both an upscale bar and a cigar store. You can choose from fine wine, espresso, beer, port or even a chocolate truffle to enjoy as you watch the big game and smoke your cigar. Of course, you...

Top Day Trips Throughout the Sarasota Area

Sometimes you just need to get away from home for the day. Sarasota provides a number of great places to spend a day, if you don't want to stay at home. Here are a few of the best day trip destinations throughout the area.

The Dali Museum

People travel from all over the world to enjoy the Dali Museum, but you won't have to go far if you live in Sarasota. The Salvador Dali Museum is found in St. Petersburg to the north and provides the most incredible works of art. Eighteen of the best Dali paintings are found here for viewing.

Along with the Dali works of art, you can enjoy the incredible architecture of the building, 96 oil paintings, over 1,300 graphics, photographs, 100 watercolors and so much more.

Sunken Gardens

Discover one of the best botanical gardens in the area found right near home. Sunken Gardens is about a century old and provides...