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Fifth Annual Street Art Festival Celebrated in Sarasota

The Chalk Festival in Sarasota celebrates its fifth year by taking its visitors to a world of impressive 3D and 2D art.  There are more than 500 local and international participating artists joining this exciting event.  This year, the theme “Circus City, USA,” remembers the time when the shores of Sarasota became home for the winter circus.  These creative and artistic minds give life to the roads and buildings with their chalk illustrations.


One of the main attractions of this year’s Chalk Festival is Kurt Wenner, inventor of the 3D chalk art.  His chalk illusions started getting popular during the 1980s. He studied art in Italy and used to be a NASA space illustrator. On an interview, he focused on his creation for this festival and said that his chalk illusion will seem bigger than it actually is.  It will be one layer of art upon another layer of art. The total space for his masterpiece may reach fifteen and a half feet, but from a certain angle it will appear larger.

Bryan Moon, another popular 3D artist, created interesting Wild West characters. These Western cowboys and cowgirls are not your...

Lucrative Real Estate Bidding Opportunities


During the last few months homes in Sarasota have been selling very well. Ultimately, business people, real estate agents, builders and homeowners selling their homes are all satisfied. The area has foreclosures and short sales are going on for different Sarasota properties and many families have benefited by getting the properties they've always wanted. From a real estate business point of view, the terrain is now like a gold mine, providing chances for everyone to bid and get their dream home.

One person who recently got the home of her dreams is Barbara Dunn, who just bid on and bought a three-bedroom house after negotiating on the property for over a year. The Dunn couple was from Minnesota and their journey to get this property started just one year ago. They first went through the initial formalities and were ready to pay up whatever the asking price would be after a reputed moneylender for the mortgage approved them. This success story was not at all easy, at first the couple didn’t get several homes they wanted despite being ready with down payment.

Coping up with the fast-changing real estate market is si-highlight--primary. The market is flooded home and some popular homes receive several offers and the owners will usually sell their home to the highest bidder....

Sarasota's Happiest Hours

Sarasota's Happiest Hours

Happy HourSearching for the best places to head for a cold drink and appetizers? Sarasota has happy hours all over the city and some of the best deals in Florida!

Siesta Key Oyster Bar - Dubbed "SKOB" by the locals, happy hour features $6 oysters and Louisiana crawfish between 3 and 6 p.m. Don't leave after happy hour ends though! SKOB has live music every night, and Tuesdays are open mic nights.

Gecko's Grill & Pub - Five locations in the Sarasota area, Gecko's is popular for food, drinks, and fun! Each location has a team trivia night (varies by location) and offers all-day everyday happy hour with two-for-one margaritas, martinis, house wines, and well cocktails as well as low prices on draft beer. Premium happy hour starts at 10 p.m. which entails two-for-one premium brand cocktails. Thursdays are wine nights at all Gecko's locations. New wines are featured weekly at the ridiculously low price of $3 a glass or $12 a bottle.

Ace's Live - Offers some of the best live music in the area combined with cheap food prices and happy hour daily from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. All drinks are $1 off and wells, drafts, and domestics are $2.50 each. The outdoor patio makes Ace's even better!

Five O'Clock Club - If...

Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom

Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom

Feng Shui BedroomFeeling as though you're always running on empty? No matter how long you sleep, you wake up tired and listless? Making your bedroom feng shui friendly can help to improve the room's Chi (universal energy) so that you wake up feeling rested and revived.

To get started, it's si-highlight--primary for you to remove the television, computer, and exercise equipment out of the bedroom. Limiting the amount of electrical equipment in the bedroom greatly reduces the electromotive force, which is imperative for preventing disturbance of your cells' frequencies that can lead to weakening the immune system and causing fatigue. Watching television or surfing the net before bed is something that many people do but most don't realize that the light emitted from the television screen or computer monitor actually prevents you from falling asleep quickly and interferes with your rest.

Fresh air is one of the best things you can to do improve feng shui. Opening a window or using a good quality air purifier is recommended. Stale air is the number one killer of good feng shui and easy to avoid.

Having several levels of lighting in the bedroom is an excellent way to improve the room's...

It's Celebration Time For The Sarasota Opera

A huge celebration is going on at Sarasota Opera, as it stages its National Opera Week from October 26 to November 4 of this year. This event was conceptualized by the Opera America in collaboration with National Endowment for the Arts. The main purpose of celebrating opera week is reach a new audience in the community. Opera lovers can now also gain access to more information and receive training sessions, and join some popular opera communities in America.

The program is scheduled to proceed with help from the legendary artist Aretha Franklin, who has been selected as one of the honorary chairwomen of this event. Aretha, as an opera lover, has expressed her pleasure in becoming one of the valued guests of this great show. She also stated her desire to get more people involved in this enriching musical art. Ms. Franklin, who is known as Queen of Soul in the acting world, has expressed in her welcome statement that music is all about creativity and dynamism. She then sang a high proud note to si-highlight opera activities across the United Sates of America. She was really delighted to get herself in this classical music circle.

Sarasota Opera House will be filled with amazing performances starting from the first day. One of which is Verdi's tragic masterpiece Rigoletto that was one of the most anticipated acts of this opera week. There are also several youth opera world events taking place here; the schedule of...

Golf Course Real Estate: Aesthetics and Re-Sale Value Second to None


Buying a home in a golf course community has its benefits, most obviously if you're an avid golfer, but even if you're not, homes in or within reach of a country club or golf resort offer home buyers added benefit regardless of the quality of their backswing.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall: Living in a golf course community puts you right in the middle of Mother Nature’s bounty, and finely crafted, meticulously maintained landscaping. With your back yard featuring closely clipped greens, precisely raked bunkers, gently swaying palm trees amidst well-kept shrubbery and grass, you can be assured that wherever you go on your property or in your neighborhood, visual aesthetics have been a main consideration, offering you views and an ambiance you won’t find anywhere else. Simply put, owning Sarasota golf course real estate ensures your property will always be the fairest one of all.

Dave's not here: Most golf course communities employ state of the art security, are gated, and offer its residents 24 hour patrolled protection, giving golf course community homeowners and their family's peace of mind. Consequently, crime rates are super low in golf course neighborhoods,...