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Which Bed and Breakfasts are the Best Near Bradenton?

Breakfast -

Bradenton offers residents and visitors some great bed and breakfast options. Whether you live in the area and want a nice getaway or are visiting the area from out of town, a few bed and breakfast locations in Bradenton will make you never want to leave.

They offer a cozy atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. The breakfast part of your stay is an experience in and of itself dining with travelers over a delicious meal. Whether you need a place to stay for a night or want to do something special for your loved one, try these bed and breakfast stops near Bradenton.

Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast – 1102 Riverside Drive, Palmetto


Where can you Find Farm-to-Table Options Near Bradenton?

Farmers Market - Image Credit:

Finding fresh ingredients and meals throughout the Bradenton area isn't hard. There are a number of places that serve farm-to-table entrees and many farmers' markets, as well. When you want to treat yourself to something local you won't be struggling to find the right place.

Where to go for Fruit

One of the top spots to go for fresh items is Mixon Fruit Farm in Bradenton. This farm started as a small fruit stand many years ago. It has since become one of the most successful Florida fruit farms. It's a family-owned farm and they provide some of the best orange juice you will find. Along with orange juice, Mixon's...

Which Landmarks are Most Famous Near Bradenton?

Ariel view of Sarasota - Image Credit:

Finding the best landmarks throughout the Bradenton area isn't hard. There are many very famous landmarks found within the area. Here are some of the top landmarks found near Bradenton for new residents, visitors and even long-time residents to discover.

De Soto National Memorial - 8300 De Soto Memorial Highway, Bradenton

This memorial commemorates the Hernando De Soto expedition...

Can you Catch your Fish and have them Professionally Cooked Near Bradenton?

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Fishing is a common activity in the Bradenton area. Patrons love to spend a relaxing day casting their lines out and waiting for the big one to take their bait. While fishing is loved by many, cooking the fish is a less popular alternative.

Most people who love fishing will throw them back because they are unwilling to cook it. Preparing a fish can be a lot of work. Fish can be enjoyed when prepared and cooked the right way. However, if you are unaware of how to put some flavor into fish, then it could turn out to be a disastrous meal.

You no longer have to worry about throwing your catch of the day back in. There are several restaurants in the Bradenton area who participate in the...

Attraction Spotlight: Bunker Hill Winery


Do you love wine? Then you will be fascinated with Bunker Hill Winery, as they make wine differently. Located in the Bradenton region, Larry and Lenora Woodham began their wine making adventure 20 years ago. They own a 23-acre vineyard, which is the source of all their wine.

When they first began, they were only interested in growing grapes. The Woodham’s love for wine led them to more. They began crafting one of a kind wine’s, and five years ago, they began selling their creations. It didn’t take long for the Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery to be known among local patrons. Their wine is now sold internationally, and they have even been mentioned in wine magazines in Europe.

The Woodham’s approach to making wine is completely different than any other wine makers. They use a “green” approach, which is highly upheld by environmental...

Which Sarasota Communities are New?

Esplanada by Siesta Key

Sarasota’s eastern area and Bradenton are seeing an influx of new communities. Most of the vacant areas of land are in this area and it was the perfect choice to add Sarasota communities. Lakewood Ranch has several home options in their award winning master planned community. Along with this suburban area, downtown condo developments are increasing due to great views of the Sarasota Bay and the popular area to live near businesses and attractions. Here are the top new Sarasota communities.

Cobblestone on Palmer Ranch

If you want a place to enjoy quality time with the family, Cobblestone on Palmer Ranch is going to be a great choice. It’s a place to enjoy life’s passions and experience a new way of inspired living. They offer resort-style amenities...

Where can you go Shopping Near Bradenton?


Bradenton is well-known for white sandy beaches but also for its trendy shopping options. You can find unique, local goods or brand-name shopping. Whether you need your favorite brand of shoes or some original, homemade jewelry, the Bradenton area has great choices. Here is a look at the places you should check out in Bradenton.

Anna Maria Island Shopping

Anna Maria Island shops are going to offer you an authentic beach vibe. You’ll find charming boutiques on Pine Avenue. Some of the favorite shops in this area are Bella by the Sea and Island Cabana where you can get the perfect swimsuit and other beachwear. Try ...