It's Celebration Time For The Sarasota Opera

A huge celebration is going on at Sarasota Opera, as it stages its National Opera Week from October 26 to November 4 of this year. This event was conceptualized by the Opera America in collaboration with National Endowment for the Arts. The main purpose of celebrating opera week is reach a new audience in the community. Opera lovers can now also gain access to more information and receive training sessions, and join some popular opera communities in America.

The program is scheduled to proceed with help from the legendary artist Aretha Franklin, who has been selected as one of the honorary chairwomen of this event. Aretha, as an opera lover, has expressed her pleasure in becoming one of the valued guests of this great show. She also stated her desire to get more people involved in this enriching musical art. Ms. Franklin, who is known as Queen of Soul in the acting world, has expressed in her welcome statement that music is all about creativity and dynamism. She then sang a high proud note to si-highlight opera activities across the United Sates of America. She was really delighted to get herself in this classical music circle.

Sarasota Opera House will be filled with amazing performances starting from the first day. One of which is Verdi's tragic masterpiece Rigoletto that was one of the most anticipated acts of this opera week. There are also several youth opera world events taking place here; the schedule of events is available from the website. There will also be a panel of discussion work that will be held in the opera week for Windsor McCay. The famous art galleries are another si-highlight of the Sarasota Opera House that visitors can take a look at after watching a show. There are some free performances for public viewing and there are also paid events, which can be enjoyed by the entire family. 

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