Innovative Entrepreneurs Attracted to HuB’s New Workspace

Various private companies have elected to do business in Sarasota in recent years, which in turn has provided a sorely-needed push for the local economy. While a large portion of these organizations specialize in the construction of commercial and residential developments, one group in particular has been working towards building a new economy and culture for the benefit of the local community as a whole.

Sarasota’s HuB – a creative, collaborative space and community designed to allow entrepreneurs to gather and come up with innovative ideas for new business in general – has recently renovated a 10,000 square foot building located at 1680 Fruitville Rd. Working on the renovations was HuB founder Rich Swier Jr., who enlisted the help of Sarasota’s HOYT Architects and Biter Enterprises.

The newly refurbished structure will house tech startups, entrepreneurs, and innovative tech companies.

“We're looking to create a new economy based on creativity,” said Swier. “We wanted to be more centrally located -- downtown -- near a vibrant, creative community.”

Located on the building’s first floor is Florida Shores Bank, while the second, third and fourth floors offer workspace for tech companies. The third floor also serves as a home to an incubator/collaborative space for local startups and entrepreneurs. Moreover, the structure has several other notable features, which includes a full production studio, a bar, and an event space.

The HuB hosts the Tech Symposium - which covers a diversity of topics centered on the implementation and innovation of technology – every month. Also held monthly is the Entrepreneurship Symposium, wherein members are invited to discuss and share thoughts on entrepreneurship in a non-traditional setting.

HuB’s latest breeding grounds for technological advancement and business innovations were celebrated last December 8. The grand opening event featured an impressive digital show made possible through joint-efforts with the Ringling College of Art and Design.

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