How to Incorporate a Cozy Reading Nook in Your Home

How to Incorporate a Cozy Reading Nook in Your Home

Curling up with a good book is the perfect way to relax.  Every bookworm can agree that where you read is just as important as what you read. We can all relate to reading the same sentence for 15 minutes as a result of being in the wrong place.  Noisy, crowded and uncomfortable are not adjectives one wants to use to describe their leisure spots. Reading nooks are little areas within a home that are comfy, cozy and free of distractions. Explore the must-have elements every reading nook needs.


Get Cozy in a Corner

You may think you need a lot of space or to rearrange for a reading nook. All you need is a little corner or any space that is secluded from everything else. Reading nooks can be anywhere; consider a corner in your bedroom, a bay window or even a shed.

Softness is a Must

Increase the coziness of your reading nook with softer fabrics. Invest in a plush blanket to create a welcoming cocoon. Paint the walls softer hues to ensure a cozy, distraction-free space. If a big rug beckons, consider faux fur or a great shag rug to spend a few hours with your favorite author.

Comfort with Cushions

Soft fabrics are great, but they won’t give you as much comfort as you need to finish a few chapters of your latest read. Grab some cushions and layer them on the floor, bench or bay window. They are a much cheaper alternative to purchasing a chair. You may also want to purchase larger pillows to line the wall for increased comfort.

Lighting is Vital

A reading nook in front of a big window is always a nice addition. You get an ample amount of natural light, fresh air and peace. The only catch is when the sun goes down, your reading nook will no longer be the ideal place. To get the best light possible, add a lamp or hang a few strings of white lights. Better yet, opt for a with a dimming option to set the mood as you please.

Keep it Simple

Too many distractions can take away from your reading experience. There’s no need for tech gadgets, save for an e-reader. An abundance of framed photos, home décor and other distractions can also take your attention away from the page. Keep it simple by sticking with basics to get the most out of your reading nook.


Create your own style tale with a perfectly decorated reading nook.


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