Helping Homeowners Accept the Realities of Downsizing

Helping Homeowners Accept the Realities of Downsizing

Downsizing can be difficult for clients to accept. Their memories and belongings may be unable to fit into a smaller home. Many are unsure how to proceed and need your help. As their real estate agent, you must provide support to help them accept their new reality. Read on to learn some key tactics to get clients comfortable with downsizing.

Clearly Communicate the Benefits of Downsizing

The best way to help homeowners accept the realities of downsizing is to provide excellent communication. Downsizing a home comes with plenty of benefits, but your clients may only see a challenge. Inform them of the advantages that come from a smaller house, including the opportunity to start fresh. In order to communicate a clear message to your clients, you have to think about them as individuals. For example, if your clients are proud grandparents, you may want to emphasize how the savings can be used to do new and exciting activities with the grandkids. Research the benefits of downsizing as it applies to clients.

Share Exciting Stories about Previous Clients

A little reassurance can go a long way. Think about previous clients that have downsized. If you’ve been doing marketing properly, you would have already reached out to these clients to see how they’re doing in their new space. Share this information to restore comfort and inspire. Tell them about the elderly couple who donated non-essential furniture pieces to a family in need.  Talk about the clients who downsized their belongings prior to the move with a profitable garage sale. These kinds of life experiences can give your current homeowner all the confidence they need to look forward to this change.

Excite your Clients with Possible Scenarios

Talking about dreams is an excellent way to get an uneasy homeowner enthused about downsizing their home. If your client has always wanted to travel the world, inform them of exceptional savings that can be put towards a new travel experience. Perhaps your client has always wanted to clean out the clutter and buy new furniture. Mention how they can turn their new home into any design they want and suggest style options.

Your clients may not believe that a smaller home is for them. However, with these real estate tips, you can demonstrate the opportunities that come with downsizing.

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