Discover Seabirds in Sarasota

seabird_250Birdwatchers and lover will enjoy the many features of the Save Our Seabirds Wild Bird Learning Center. This is more than just a sanctuary and bird rescue. The center rescues and rehabilitates injured birds before releasing them back into the wild. Some birds cannot be released and the place becomes a sanctuary for these birds.

Along with providing a great service for the area birds, the learning center provides educational tours and programs for all ages. Admission is free and Save Our Seabirds depends on donations.

The Wild Bird Learning Center

Save Our Seabirds is home to a 130,000 square foot learning center open from 10am to 5pm daily. About 250 birds live here with over 30 species including exotic and native birds. Guests can enjoy walking along the boardwalk enjoying these shade and the many manicured enclosures. Special tours for schools, families and groups.

Educational Programs

Programs geared towards specific age groups are available ranging from K-2 grade up to 9-12 grades. These programs are fully accredited and provide excellent field trips for schools. Along with the educational programs, Save Our Seabirds offers a rigorous college internship program.

What if you Find an Injured Bird?

Injured seabirds are often found by beachgoers, families and individuals. If you find a bird and it's hurt, you may need to provide temporary care. Use a large box and fold a towel to line the bottom. Make sure the box has holes for airflow and put the bird in the box. Keep the box in a quiet and dark place and don't feed the bird. It's also si-highlight--primary not to handle the bird. After providing temporary care for the bird contact the sanctuary.

Becoming a Member

As a member, you can help the sanctuary and learning center save seabirds and provide education to the community. Donations allow for feeding, veterinary services, medical supplies, community outreach and so much more. Find out more about becoming a member at,

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