Comparing Two Popular Relocation Destinations in Florida

Sarasota and Naples are two of the most popular destinations not only for visitors, but also for those relocating to the state. However, they are both very different. Comparing these two destination will help you see which may provide a better place for your next home.


Sarasota has a better downtown and it's much larger than Naples downtown area. The downtown of Sarasota runs from US 301 all the way to Fruitville Road and out to Ringling Boulevard. Many unique restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and nightclubs are found in the downtown area.

Finding the Naples downtown can be a bit difficult because it's not really defined. Fifth Avenue is the most popular area and most like a main street. This area offers plenty of luxury stores and restaurants, but it's not the size of Sarasota's downtown.


Both cities provide plenty of outdoor activities from paddleboarding to golf and everything in between. However, Sarasota provides more sports because of Ed Smith Stadium and the close proximity to Tampa/St. Petersburg. Naples does provide more parks than Sarasota, though.


Both cities provide beautiful white-sand beaches for those looking to bake in the sun all day long. However, the best beaches in the state are found in Sarasota. Sarasota has better sans, while Naples has better fishing. Sarasota's beaches are larger and with Siesta Key right down the road, it's easy to see Sarasota is a better place for beaches.


Naples certainly takes the cake with luxury because of 5th Avenue. The city is built for luxury, which does make it an expensive place to live. Many of the condos and homes are well over $1,000,000, whereas Sarasota provides homes ranging from $100,000 up to $5,000,000 and a few above.

Overall, Sarasota is more affordable, has better beaches and offers more. However, Naples is a nice area and great for those seeking the high-end luxury lifestyle.

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