Carrabba's Coming to the Venice Ares Soon

Recently, Lowes Home Centers LLC sold a 1.3-acre parcel of land to RMC Lo Venice LLC for $700,000. This land deal means new development will be happening very soon. The land is an out-parcel and is adjacent to the Lowe's Home Improvement store in Venice.

The land was originally purchased by Lowes for $6 million and they received 20 acres found at 1745 South Tamiami Trail back in 2003. After the purchase, they built a 140,000 square-foot store, which opened two years later. However, now, they have decided it would be helpful for the rest of the area to be developed.

This land sale will lead to a Carrabba’s Italian Grill coming to the area and maybe a few other businesses, as well. The parcel has frontage on Tamiami Trail and the contract states that RMC Lo Venice can only create buildings with a maximum size of 6,115 square feet.

The company is managed by Mitchell F. Rice and they financed the purchase with a loan from BB&T bank. The goal of RMC Lo Venice will be to develop and build a Carrabba's Italian Grill restaurant and lease the space to the restaurant chain.

This may be the start of other developments in the area. Regardless, Venice will see a new Carrabba’s location open up within the next year or two. They will carve out some of the existing Lowe's parking lot to serve the restaurant.

The development is a bit of a complex process with certain modifications and easements needed to complete the project. However, the chief real estate officer for RMC believes getting the necessary easement agreements won't be an issue.

Carrabba's lists Venice as one of three "coming soon" locations they plan to open. Others include Ann Arbor, Michigan and Orlando, Florida.

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