A Few Tips for First-Time Canadian Snowbirds Coming to Florida

This is the time of year when the Snowbirds start to think about moving to Florida for the winter, especially those in Canada. The weather is excellent and will stay that way for many months. If you're considering moving to Sarasota for the winter months, and you're coming from Canada, you need a few tips to help you along the way.

Moving to Florida Full Time

If you've been living in Florida for the winter for a few years, you may be considering moving to the state full time. When you make this decision, you need to sell your property in Canada before you move. Discuss the transaction with your realtor and financial advisor before making the final decision.

Opening a U.S. Bank Account

You will need a bank account to help you pay your bills in Florida. It's necessary to find a local bank that can handle your everyday transactions, while you make the move from Canada to the United States. However, many experts believe the best decision is to open a U.S. Account at a Canadian bank because it makes it easier to move funds from one account to another, when necessary.

Get a Canadian Credit Card with a U.S. Dollar Balance

Paying for things in the United States with a Canadian credit card can lead to large fees. You can avoid these by finding one of the Canadian banks willing to issue you a credit card with a balance in U.S. dollars. This will help to save you money on the exchange rate, as well.

Make Sure You Pay Your Canadian Bills

Once you move to the United States, it can be easy to forget about the bills you still owe in Canada. Since you will need to establish credit in the U.S., you want make sure you pay these bills on time. Just a few missed payments can lead to credit issues.

Moving to Sarasota from Canada for the winter or full-time is a big decision. Make sure you're ready for the sunny weather and find a place to live before you make the journey. Visiting first and scoping out a few neighborhoods in the Sarasota area may provide the time you need to find your new home.

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