A Different Type of Cinema

Burns Court Cinemas is found in downtown Sarasota in the historic Burns Square. This raspberry-colored building provides some of the best independent, foreign and art films in the area. It's also the host of many annual festivals, series and other types of events held in Sarasota. Cine-World is the most popular of the events here and provides many films from around the world.

This isn't your average theater and doesn't play the mainstream films you find at the large Cineplex. However, if you love unique films with a different message, you will enjoy the films at Burns Court Cinemas. Obscure is the best word to describe these films and they don't have huge marketing and promotional teams behind them, but they still provide a great show. If you check out the films, you'll fall in love with a different type of movie.

The team as Burns Court Cinemas takes the time to research and track films from all over the world. This allows only the best films to make the cut. Each film playing at the cinema has a flyer in the lobby you can check out to find out more about it. The staff will also provide information you might need to make your viewing choice. The goal is to provide the obscure films in an easy viewing format, while helping you choose the right film for your taste.

Tickets for the films are $8 for non-members, $5.50 for children and $5 for members. Show times vary, depending on the film and the day. Burns Court Cinemas features both matinee and evening showing, starting around 1:30pm with the final showing just before 8pm, in most cases. Currently, the cinema is featuring Renoir, The Company You Keep, To the Wonder and The Place Beyond the Pines

With a membership to the Sarasota Film Society, you can take advantage of membership discounts and many other benefits. Student memberships are $20, single memberships are $30, dual (two single memberships) memberships are $50 and Screenwriter memberships are $150. Many other benefits come along with this membership.

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