Sarasota FL Real Estate Market Statistics

Below you'll find statistics on Sarasota, FL, real estate, updated every day from the MLS. In addition to information on the average price of Sarasota real estate listings, you'll also find info on the average days on market, the average price reduction, average price of homes by bedroom, and more.

If you have questions or would like more detailed information on any of these Sarasota homes and condos, please let us know -- we're happy to provide information on recently sold properties, disclosures on current listings for sale, or anything else we can help you with.

Sarasota Trends / October 19, 2017
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Market Snapshot

Total Properties:4453
MoM Change:0.41%
Avg Days On Market:196
Median List Price:$279,900
MoM Change:-2.81%
Residential Median List Price:$360,000
MoM Change:-2.68%
Land Median List Price:$372,450
MoM Change:-5.71%
Highest List Price:$13,900,000
Lowest List Price:$5,833

Typical Property

Single-Family Home:2.72 Beds
2.49 Baths
List Price:$519,350
Price per SqFt:$214.10
Price Reduction:-2.00%

Average Price by Bedrooms

1 Bedroom:$284,194
2 Bedrooms:$371,907
3 Bedrooms:$622,410
4 Bedrooms:$1,085,993
5 Bedrooms:$1,714,242
Manatee County Trends / October 19, 2017
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Med. List Price

Market Snapshot

Total Properties:5374
MoM Change:0.45%
Avg Days On Market:158
Median List Price:$279,000
MoM Change:1.29%
Residential Median List Price:$326,465
MoM Change:0.45%
Land Median List Price:$299,000
Highest List Price:$19,900,000
Lowest List Price:$9,000

Typical Property

Single-Family Home:2.95 Beds
2.49 Baths
List Price:$391,289
Price per SqFt:$163.94
Price Reduction:-2.00%

Average Price by Bedrooms

1 Bedroom:$170,188
2 Bedrooms:$270,986
3 Bedrooms:$409,835
4 Bedrooms:$606,504
5 Bedrooms:$961,616
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